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On behalf of the staff at Carver Street Animal Hospital, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page. Please feel free to complete the following Pet Memorial Form in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.  Please bring the form to us and we will be happy to post it for you.  If you would like to include a picture, please send it to [email protected]  and type "web site memorial picture" in the subject line.

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We lost a very special member of our family today.

Mc Duff was born on May 9, 2000 at The Yorkie House in Fayetteville, NC.

He joined our family on July 3, 2000 when we went to the breeder’s to consider adopting one of the two adult females she was retiring.  Rusti, the breeder, showed us around the wonderful area she used for her dogs.  Mc Duff was in a large cage up on a table all by himself.  We asked why he was alone and Rusti said his litter mates had already been sold.  Naturally, we wanted to hold him.  As we nuzzled him we asked how much he was…  Rusti said $600 – a reasonable price but remember, we came with the idea of rescuing – so we gave him back and went outside to meet the two females.  We played with them and visited with Rusti for quite a bit of time and I had to use the bathroom.  When I returned I asked Marie what she wanted to do about the females and Marie said “We’ll take the puppy”.  I immediately said “We’ll take the puppy???”  And Rusti said “You’ll take the puppy???”  So off we went, with Mc Duff, to our house!

Mc Duff was the cutest puppy ever, long floppy ears and big old hairy paws.  None of the other dogs (Sadie, Frito, Jaz, and Babes) liked him – Jaz, who’d been “barefoot and pregnant” her whole life till we rescued her, flipped puppy Mc Duff onto his back and put her front paw on his chest and held him down and gave him what for!  The only one who played with Mc Duff was Lefty, our cat.

Mc Duff had seizures in his early years but Dr. Bashor always kept them under control throughout his life and they never interrupted his love of life!

Mc Duff loved running up and down our fence chasing Casino, the pit bull, next door.  In 2006 Mc Duff tore his left ACL and ended up having corrective surgery on August 7, 2006.  Dr. Gallagher and his staff fell in love with Mc Duff and said he was their only patient who let them take an x-ray without being sedated!  Dr. Gallagher warned us that after they tear one ACL they usually tear the other.  At Mc Duff’s three month surgical check up he was already limping on the right leg so his second surgery was November 16, 2006!  Dr. Gallagher’s staff found a children’s book, “Mc Duff’s Christmas”, autographed it and sent it to Mc Duff that Christmas and we’ve put it out every Christmas since!

Mc Duff was a wise soul.  He had the biggest brown eyes and the most expressive face.  He always looked at you like he understood everything you said and he knew all the answers you needed. 

Mc Duff was a lover!  He cuddled, loved to be held, and gave good kisses!

He was a true gentleman.  He loved treats and people food but took them gently from your fingers.  In the last few years he had banana and Clementine segments for breakfast every morning and he barked for me till I got up and fixed “our” breakfast!

In his later years Mc Duff slowed down some and didn’t want to be around a lot of commotion especially from small children so he would retreat to his bed.

In October 2013 Dr. Bashor diagnosed a brain tumor based on his movements and confusion.  He started him on Prednisone every other day which helped immensely until about two months ago.  Then he went on Prednisone daily.  He was fine until last week when he began going down quickly.  Today, Dr. Bashor, with his usual loving kindness, let Mc Duff go gently away.

Mc Duff is greatly missed - a part of our family is gone.  Please remember him with us.

Linda and Marie


Leia Amadala Skywalker
October 17, 2008 - May 3, 2014 at 12:15pm

You were beautiful.  You were curious, confident, alert at all times (tell me about it), fearless, courageous but not aggressive, forgiving, friendly, a loving companion, an endearing clown, and sister.  Even as your body failed and your stamina faded, you still managed to be my girl.

For five and a half years we were best friends. You never allowed me to forget your innate connection with the earth and the smells, sounds, and life that fascinated you.  During a time of personal crisis, you challenged me and directed me in understanding the simplicity of living.

I like to imagine there is a meadow with majestic trees that provide comforting shade in the sunny afternoon and where, among the brilliant colors, smells and sounds of life we continue our dance.  But peace and eternal sleep is certain in the ground you loved so much.

I treasure our time together.

We miss you.


Bubaleja (Casper or Buba)
11/17/1996 - 12/21/2013

Buba, our beloved Maltese has gone to doggy heaven.  Our family was blessed to enjoy seventeen years of happiness and unwavering companionship and love with a wonderful loving and loyal companion.

Buba was compassionately put down after suffering from end stage renal failure and severe arthritis. In 2010, he had a dorsal laminectomy to relieve debilitating pressure on his spinal cord; this miraculous surgery bought him three more quality years to be in our lives.  This is a sad time for us and has left an emptiness that cannot be replaced.

What a great life he lived!

Buba was a previously owned dog (POD), which we got from a lovely elderly couple in Maiden, NC.  They called him Casper.  He lived with this family next to a school yard, which makes me think that this is where he developed a rabid dislike of "wheels".  Bikes, baby carriages, wagons and even wheelchairs (but not cars) would turn him into a ferocious terror chirping about "those wheels".

While visiting relatives in Serbia, a new name was suggested based on a 1960s Serbian TV show about a lazy, likable, nonsensical character called "Bubaleja", kind of a "Howdy Doody" Character.  The name was perfect and it stuck.

He loved squeaky toys and had dozens of them in his lifetime.  He would chew a toy apart just to get to the squeaker and then would have no more interest.  Jaimie would spend hours every few weeks sewing and repairing those in the squeaky toy "hospital".  She didn't seem to mind that some of the squeaky toys would immediately have to be readmitted to the "hospital".  Once, Andrew, our friend and neighbor called our house and left a squeaky message on the answering machine for Buba.  He went wild!

He was a very smart dog.  He quickly learned the meaning of "walk", prompting us to learn alternate words for walk (like stroll) or spell out the word "walk".  The moment you said the word "walk", he was ready to go and we had to be ready to go out the door as well.  Early on in Buba's presence, we had to resort to spelling out the word if it was time for his, "W" "A" "L" "K".

The joyous greetings he gave us when we came in the door or arrived home were memorable and felt "oh so uplifting" after a tough day.  He would leap off the floor, dancing with excitement on his two back feet.  He was also a little spoiled in that if you did not pick him up immediately to greet him back, he would bark and chastise you.

Buba was a consummate airline traveler for most of his life & got to see a lot of the country.  He traveled with us frequently on trips and had his own special Sherpa carry-on bag he rode in.  He would have helped us reach Golden status in frequent flier miles, but the airlines consider dogs to be excess baggage and not frequent flier mileage earners.

Thank you to everyone who cared for him over the years, especially Dr. Tina Whitted, Dr. Kelley Crabtree, Dr. Kay Bishop, Bea Erickson, Kathryn DeMarco, Andrew Lonon and Jim Bullock.  He had a large and loving extended family.  He will be truly missed by us, but our memories of him will last forever.

Perry Whitted and Jaimie Marinkovich


In loving memory of Morton Freddie Anderson
April 23, 2003 - May 18th, 2013

       by Ruthann P. Anderson

I love my wooden rocking horse
That’s carpeted in green.
I know it’s not a cat toy,
But it’s the nicest toy I’ve seen.
I wrap my arms around his neck
While standing on the floor,
Then I jump onto his back
So I can hug him even more!
My sister sometimes wants to ride,
But I won’t let her on.
I stand guard by my special friend
Until my sister is going, going, gone!
I hope Mommy doesn’t take my horse away
Because it’s my favorite thing with which to play!




 Lucky - 4/23/2000 - 2/16/2012

Forever in Our Hearts - Frankie, Ken, Spencer and Harrison


Dear Sara,
Despite the hole in my heart, I am grateful for the love, joy and laughter you so selflessly gave me for nineteen years.  I will cherish you always.  The Fabulous Four have been reunited.
Love, Jackie
June 1992 - June 3, 2011


In memory of Samantha, my curious, friendly, snuggly, vocal and usually hungry (!) kitty.
I miss you. XO    Jackie
June 1992 - March 10, 2010


In memory of Susie, whose shyness and quietness never outshone her loving nature.
I miss you.  XO    Jackie
June 1992 - October 31, 2009


In memory of Smokey, the quintessential cat, who hid her sweetness behind a mask of aloofness.
I miss you.  XO    Jackie
June 1992 - April 8, 2009



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